These are all the creations I’ve made  following the hints given to me by my customers.

For example, I was told that Milana likes reading, the color blue, coffee cups and has a little black bird called Tobias. Marcia likes knitting, the color purple, drinking a nice cup of coffee in the afternoon and had beloved Husky called Kesuk. Jeffrey is a good friend of mine who was a boxing trainer, loves squirrels, and photography…and so on and so forth.

If you’d like to have a personalized figurine, don’t hesitate to contact me and tell what you wish for. I’ll be glad to create the perfect figurine for you or for the person you’d like to give it to. I’m sure it will be fun and  exciting for the both of us!. 🙂

All my artwork is protected by copyright and it can’t be reproduced without permission.

This artwork cannot be sold, duplicated, posted on other websites, used for commercial products, or any other promotional purposes without my express written permission.


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