Eve Bluefoot is an Italian self-taught watercolorist and polymer clay artist very fond of dark and macabre art.Her love for art showed up at a very young age and already in kindergarten she spent most of her time painting and playing with plastiline.

Growing up she focused her interest in the fashion field and got her diploma at I.T.A.S. – high school for fashion designers – in Forlì, Italy, but once she completed her studies, due to some health issues, she abandoned this field as well as all kinds of art expression for about 20 years.
Only in 2016, after moving back to Italy from Germany, where she spent 10 years of her life, did she pick up her paint brushes and clay tools again, in order to express her emotions and life experience through art.
She uses mainly black and sepia India ink for her paintings, since this medium best suits her goth side, while her polymer clay figurines are more a reflection of her brighter and whimsical side.