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Dark Angel_CP_WP

Another month, another challenge hosted by The Makers Medley, and probably the most difficult one for me. Don’t know why, but I don’t have a great relationship with angels, and the only angel I know has scabbed wings, a hard-drug face, and wants to powder his nose. So, I decided to take a walk in the “OFF LIMITS” area down in Eveland to see what or who I would have met there…and I only found myself. Me with all my scars, the fragile wings many people tried to set on fire so many times, and my body… still there willing to reemerge and live. And yes, I’m headless because I lost my head somewhere many years ago and don’t know if I’ll ever get it back. Someone said this painting is terrifying, someone laughed, and my destiny twin sister said the black forest gives a touch of magic and melancholic warmth to it… a cocoon protective shield that doesn’t allow an easy entrance… but once you find the path, you find yourself in front a beautiful, timeless, crepuscular creature… Is she right? Is she wrong? I don’t know… If you are willing to find out, you just need to look for the right path that leads to me and judge for yourself.

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