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Sir Vlad – Did I miss my blue eyes?
Eve – You should ask them if they missed your eyes!
Sir Vlad – Did they miss their eyes?
Eve – No! You have to ask THEM if they missed YOUR EYES!!! Simply repeat “Did you miss my eyes?”
Sir Vlad – Of course I didn’t miss your eyes I see you every day!
Eve – I’m not asking you, you wanted to ask them!!!
Sir Vlad – About what?
Eve – Your Eyes!!!! Your frigging eyes which are red and not blue!!!
Sir Vlad – Well…I don’t know whose eyes they missed, but they are definitely going to miss mine cos I’m gonna leave!!! I’m gonna leave today for the USA! My beloved Sharona adopted me!!!
Eve – Her name is Shauna.
Sir Vlad – My Shawana….my Fly Princess, the ghost of my dreams, the furry mother of my kids!
Eve– Woohoo….slow down there…the mother of your kids? You better jump in this box and fly to her before she changes her mind. And please, try to learn her name along the way!
Sir Vlad – Right! You said Shabana, right?!
Eve – ….Whatever!!!!

Sir Vlad brothers and sisters are available upon request.