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For the Myths and Legends of our Countries theme hosted by The Makers Medley , I chose to tell you the story of Azzurrina, a little girl that disappeared in 1375 in Montebello, Italy.
Azzurrina was the daughter of Ugolinuccio or Uguccione Malatesta, feudal lord of Montebello and was the protagonist of a sad story.

Her real name was Guendalina, but people used to call her Azzurrina (little light-blue girl) because of her hair color. She was born albino, so her parents decided to dye her hair black in order to hide her diversity, considering women and girls with albino white or red hair were often associated with the Devil and were thought to be witches. Dying her hair wasn’t very effective because albino hair does not retain color; therefore, the vegetable pigments used turned her hair light blue. It was also said she had red eyes, but they were painted blue in all her portraits, so I decided to go with blue eyes as well.

It was June 21 when, in the ice house of the old fortress, the girl disappeared never to be seen again.
Her story passed down orally for about three centuries, and was enriched with elements of fantasy. It was also said she was running after her ball made of rags when she disappeared, that the ball rolled down the stairs that took to the razor well and that is the place where she actually disappeared.
Now, only once every 5 years during the summer solstice on June 21, it seems like she returns to the castle and let people hear her voice.

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SPECIAL THANKS TO Alice for giving me permission to play with her amazing picture.