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Croco The Gator

Oh boy! Oh boy! I don’t know what to do with these kids!!! You can’t believe where I found Croco  today. I think, I already told you more than once that we are about to move to Italy and someone called Sophie the Squid, was so scared of begin involved in lifting and carrying, and moving etc…all the boxes we have, that she just decided to hide in the bathtub and get out of it only when we’ll be in Italy. Yes, yes, I still have to tell her the bathtub is not coming with us, but that’s another story. So, slowly, slowly, she’s convincing all the other kids that they best hide.

Today, I was cleaning the bathroom and at a certain point I heard a strange noise coming from the washing machine…something like someone making water bubbles with his mouth. So, I looked inside it and I saw Croco that was kinda swimming in it. First, I don’t know who helped him fill the washing machine with water, and second….did he really think we would have put a washing machine full of water in the truck without emptying it first?!?!? Luckily, the toilet seat was down, otherwise I wouldn’t wanna think of him hiding there and making bubbles in that water!!! >_<

Anyway…if you’d like to have a rainbow crocodile swimming in your washing machine, you just need to head to my Etsy store and adopt him. He’s an excellent surfer, loves snorkeling and spending hours in water looking for new ocean creatures. He also has a little notebook in which he sketches all the marine inhabitants he has discovered so far and can’t wait to share all his discoveries with some new friends and sip some ice mint tea together with them. Just remember to lock your bathroom during stormy days because Croco might transform it into a kind of small ocean since he can’t go swimming in the real one. 🙂

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