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Maggie The Giraffe

Today, I’d like to introduce you Maggie, who just joined Sophie the Squid in the bathtub since Sophie convinced her, it is not safe to be seen around the house with empty hands. All our sock animals are scared we’ll ask them to help us move, so they are trying to be adopted by the end of September in order to avoid helping us.

Of course, we’d ever ask them to carry ant boxes, but all we tell them doesn’t really seem to work. So, now we have a giraffe and a squid hiding in the bathtub and we’ll see were the other two sock friends will hide.

Maggie is a very busy geologist and she’s looking for a new pal with whom to talk about her new projects and discoveries. If you’d  like to follow her in her new expedition, you just need to head to my Etsy store and take her home. 🙂 Use CODE: MOVE2016 to get a 20% discount. The discount is valid until he end of the month.