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Sophie The Squid

Hi guys! Let me introduce you Sophie, a a little girl whose dream is to become a Medical Doctor. She constantly says that when she’ll finally become a Doctor, she will only cure all her patients with chocolate bars and candy canes. We are not sure that her treatment will be actually able to cure all diseases, but who knows…it will certainly make someone smile. 🙂

Sophie is really hoping to be adopted before we move to Italy since she’s convinced we are going to ask her to give us a hand with all the boxes with have, and even if we told her many times this is not going to happen, she hid herself in the bathtub and decided to get out only when we’ll finally be in Italy. Umm…should I tell her the bathtub is not goingo to come with us? 😀

If you’d like to adopt Sophie, you just need to head to my Etsy store and take her home. 🙂

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